Hire a Campervan: Rolo

Rolo is where it all started – he was the first campervan we bought for CampRolo! He has since been refurbished and oh has he got style – he’s always had style! Rolo will forever be our favourite! His name is on his number plate, and sharing Rolo reminded us of a childhood advert – ‘Do you love anyone enough?…’ Sharing Rolo is our absolute pleasure!

Hire a campervan - Rolo

Rolo’s Profile


  • Fridge, sink, gas hob (2 x rings), electric/battery powered water supply, lights, DVD player, electric hook up.
  • Rotating and folding front passenger seats, to aid social interaction.
  • Cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. 5 camping chairs, 1 picnic table and umbrella and fleecy blankets.
  • Bedding: 2 x double duvets 1 x single duvet along with privacy curtains and blinds.
  • Separately housed chemical WC
  • First aid kit and breakdown kit on board, along with fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
  • Gas and electric certified annually by a certified company.
  • Rolo boasts an internal heater and he is insulated for all-season use.


  • Black high top, T5 VW Campervan, 1.9 TDi with hill start assistance, 102bhp. 5-speed manual.
  • Reversing camera.
  • Security lock.
  • Estimate 38 mpg.
  • Alloy wheels and cycle rack (2 bikes).
  • Also features a tow bar – great for those who don’t want to leave anything behind! (3rd party insurance).
  • Side bar protectors


  • 5-Berth to travel and to sleep.
  • 3 seat belts in the front, 2 seat belts in the rear.
  • To sleep: double rock and roll bed in the rear and double cabin rooftop bed. A constructible hammock provides the last bed across the front window space.


  • Canopy – Rolo has an integral canopy for use. This is great for providing shade and shelter whilst out and about.
  • Awning – Rolo also has an inflatable drive away awning… space is not a concern, nor are tent poles! Find out more about our awnings here.

Rolo’s Photo Shoot

Rolo’s Story…

Relax with Rolo…indeed he has had the most adventures – far and wide – think differently about campervan life!

North Coast 500: Rolo has strutted his stuff 7 times on tour in Scotland; for hikers and deep water scuba divers all ages and agendas! He’s been hired by dreamers, mountain climbers and landscape artists for travel or as the perfect Honeymoon choice!

WAW: Ireland boasts the Wild Atlantic Way – Cross at Hollyhead, see the crystal at Waterfood, chime the bells (playing SHREK!) in Cork, then journey on to Kilarney and stop in Tralee –make sure you get lost in the ‘Ring of Kerry’ … Ireland certainly holds a very special place in our hearts – and it is a long way to Tipperary!

Italy: Rolo has travelled many countries in Europe but Italy 2018 was something else! Piza poses, ice cream sat by the Trevi Fountains in Rome and pizza and wine after our visit to the awe inspiring Colosseum … we parked up just outside Venice – experienced the Gondolas and took in the spectacular sites. Our return journey was spent on the shores of Lake Garda, we travelled through the French Alps finished sight seeing in Northern France: Omaha Beach and the various memorial site certainly remind you of the gift of life. (Please note: CampRolo does not currently offer EU travel).

Mum and Daughter time: Rolo enjoys a stretch to Anglesey North Wales, Mum gets to see her sister and I get to see west coast sunsets and vast sandy beaches. North Stack resonates with me… so too do the rock pooled shores. Snowdonia is an absolute must – go to ZIP WORLD and experience Europe’s longest and fastest zip wire (120 mph) – if you are lucky you will locate Wales’ EPIC sign for a mirrored selfie or two!

Crazy Fun: Can you camp in London – yes you can! My friend and I experienced The Chinese New Year in Style!

Momentous Moment: I completed Brighton Marathon 2016 for ‘Get Kidz Active’ Rolo was there to ease my nerves, provide comfort and family support during the weekend – what an amazing experience.

Family Fun: The Lake District is my favourite place…. No comparison. Rolo is reliable, powerful and negotiates gradients I didn’t think were possible… Wrynose Pass – no problem. The Peaks, Breacon Beacons, New Forest, Dorset, Dartmore, Exmore, Bath, Cheddar Gorge and Yorkshire, The Wash and North Norfolk- he just keeps adding to his portfolio of lived experiences…. and that’s just with us!

… and his story goes on.

Are you ready to start your campervan adventure?!

Rolo loves his road trips and would be so excited to have you take him away for a holiday! We would be delighted to help you book your next UK campervan break whether you are new to the VW camper lifestyle or a converted Dubster!

Alternatively, if you have any questions or want any advice please drop Terri an email on terri@camprolo.co.uk or a message on the CampRolo Facebook page.