Hire a Campervan: Remy

Remy joined CampRolo at the end of Summer 2021, she was Terri’s guilty spontaneous splurge. Remy is Campervan Number six and our third Pop-top Campervan. Terri fell in love with Remy the moment she saw her, it was the two tone olive green that did it! Not to mention the fact that Remy was bought from a very loving family, it felt like the right thing to do. We wanted to bring her to a home where everyone can adventure in her – and the family – well they still use Remy to adventure; so it’s an all round win-win situation for everyone!

Remy’s Profile


  • Plug in fridge, portable kitchenette and gas hob (2 x rings), lights, DVD player, electric cable available for hook up (not integral) 
  • Cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. 5 camping chairs, 1 picnic table and umbrella and fleeced blankets. 
  • Bedding: 2 x double duvets 1 x single duvet along with privacy curtains and blinds. 
  • Separately housed chemical WC. 
  • First aid kit and breakdown kit on board, along with fire extinguisher and fire blanket. 
  • Remy does not have integral amenities, she is more of a day van.  Amenities are available but everything is plugged in and used similar to a tent set up (for now!). 


  • Two-tone Olive green and cream, T5 VW Campervan, 1.9 TDi, 102bhp. 5 speed manual. 
  • Reversing camera. 
  • Security lock. 
  • Estimate 40 mpg. 
  • Alloy wheels and side body bars. 


  • 5 Berth: To travel and to sleep. 
  • 3 seat belts in the front, 2 seat belts in the rear. 
  • To sleep: large double rock and roll bed in the rear and spacious double roof top bed. A constructible hammock provides the last bed across the front window space. 


Remy’s Photo Shoot

Remy’s Story… 

Remy joined CampRolo already named, inspired by Disney and named by the Grainge family! Here are some of her adventures she enjoyed…. 

Remy days in Wales: My family were the first to use beautiful Remy and we had the best time ever in Wales Summer 2021 as our staycation!  As big Gavin and Stacey fans it was very appropriate for a visit to Barry Island – we enjoyed the amusements at Nessa’s slots and of course the fun fair was epic and we may have eaten an omelette – but you can’t buy Iron-bru! 

We ventured on to Gower – South West Wales: Oxwich Bay, this is the perfect spot to kayak and paddle boarding and is very user friendly for young and inexperienced families. Rhosili certainly appeased our wanderlust – to see the National Trust Sunflowers in so many sizes and colours really lifted our spirits so do did the completion of Worm’s Head: Dragon’s Back during low tide! 

Nash point took my breath away and gave me a moment that is firmly placed on my ‘best ever encounters’ list, there was something very special about this place that’s hard to describe – a bit like Stone Henge! If you want to be blown away by rock formations and the vastness of nature – go here! 

Our Son is also a big fan of Aviation – so off to the museum we went, the volunteers were superb – including the resident artist!

Strawberry picking moments and open fire BBQ’s looking out over Oxwich Bay will flood my heart with the best family memories of 2021 as I look back on the images! We would have loved to have experienced Aqualand and the water fountains in this area – but we just – ran out of time! 

The Pembrokeshire coastline has certainly stolen my heart and I will be back in this neck of the woods in 2022!

Dreamy Devon: We have amazing friends in Devon so at the start of Summer 2021 we headed down to Black Dog area and enjoyed body boarding, surfing, outdoor BBQ’s and group camping. There were 14 in our group, such fun messing about at camp – sports, river paddling – they even had an outdoor pool for us all to enjoy this year. We will be back. Devon is the place for creamy teas, waterfalls, surfing, sunsets and walking with alpacas – yes you heard it here… walk an alpaca and historical engineering and of course well known and regarded coastal paths.

Pembrokeshire Playground: Well following our time in Pembrokeshire Summer 2021, we had to go back Summer 2022. This is the playground for paddleboarding, coasteering, cycling, hiking and kayaking all the things we love to do. Stretch your comfort zone too! In between all of the activities we enjoyed some much needed chill out time and I made some epic graze day awning picnics (if I do say so myself!). We made the most of our National Trust membership enjoying all that nature has to offer in this spectacular part of the country. It is inspirational being here…. I promise you. For me the big win was the camper next door – yep they had a boxer dog and YES we are big fans of this type of dog! Wilson… you rock!

Remy days are spent in many ways…

Are you ready to start your campervan adventure?!

Remy is an amazing travelling companion who will ensure you have the best road trip! 

We would be love to help you book your UK campervan holiday, whether you have never been on a campervan break, or you are a seasoned VW enthusiast!

Alternatively, if you have any questions or want any advice please drop Terri an email on terri@camprolo.co.uk or a message on the CampRolo Facebook page.