Hire a Campervan: Flint

Flint joined CampRolo in 2021, he is campervan number five and our second Pop-top campervan. His design is inspired by the many racing events he goes to and we certainly like the 1940’s American diner vibe! Flint is the perfect blend of bold and beautiful and he is a very popular choice for festivals and motor sport events. He boasts a different layout – making the most of 360 degree views and side rear seats that mean the camper can be accessed from the side and rear doors!

Flint’s Profile


  • Rotating and folding front passenger seats, to aid social interaction.
  • Fridge, sink, gas hob (2 x rings), electric/battery powered water supply, lights, DVD player, electric hook up, rotating (sliding) front seats. 
  • Cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. 5 camping chairs, 1 picnic table and umbrella and fleeced blankets. 
  • Bedding: 2 x double duvets 1 x single duvet along with privacy curtains and blinds. 
  • The lower bed offers extra width and extendable leg room.
  • Separately housed chemical WC. 
  • First aid kit and breakdown kit on board, along with fire extinguisher and fire blanket. 
  • Gas and electric certified annually by a certified company.
  • Flint’s pop top is a scenic canvas. This model offers uninterrupted open air views when pinned up and back!
  • 4 bar cycle rack.


  • Two-tone Grey Pop Top, T5 VW Campervan, 1.9 TDi, 102bhp. 5 speed manual. 
  • Reversing camera. 
  • Security lock. 
  • Estimate 40 mpg. 
  • Alloy wheels.  
  • Side bar protectors


  • To travel: 7 Berth: 3 forward facing seat belts in the front, 4 side facing lap seat belts in the rear. 
  • To sleep: 5 Berth; with awning hire additional sleeping options are available. Double rock and roll bed in the rear and spacious double roof top bed. A constructible hammock provides the hammock bed across the front window space. Awning hire offers additional sleeping capacity.  


  • Canopy – Flint has a canopy for use which provides shade and shelter whilst out and about, this is an integral part of his features. 
  • Awning – Flint has an inflatable drive away awning… space is not a concern, nor are tent poles! Find out more about our awnings here.

Flint’s Photo Shoot

Flint’s Story… 

Flint was named by CampRolo customer Lu Sea from Kessingland – a sea and shore beach babe! The sun certainly rose high on the day he was named! Flint’s story has only just begun – but what a start he has hadFlint’s travel arrangements are different to the other campersso he is perfectly suited and appealing to larger familiesWith 7 seats available to use whilst travelling he certainly gives capacity the big tick, particularly with the awning as well! 

Latitude Life:Flint loves festival fun! He is a show stopper with his bright orange and black and white jazzy interior! He ticked all of the boxes when he went to Latitude as a ‘Family encounter’ package! They certainly enjoyed pretending Flint was theirs – Why not! 

Red Rooster and the Goodwood festivals: Flint has also got to experience the Red Rooster and the Goodwood festivals. This meant that Flint got to rev his engine and look the part at the side of the race track and then later on mixed it up listening to Red Rooster festival celebrate the best in Cajun, Soul, Rock n Roll, Blues, Roots and Country, in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.

Santa Pod: Speedway: No we do not race Flint but he certainly gets many jaunts to this amazing race circuit.  Let’s just say Flint has a top fan in Karl who has been to as many meets as he can possibly attend – and yes has already pre-booked him for next season… I call this a bromance! 

Devon Days:Flint seems to get pulled to the South-West Coast, with three Devon and Cornwall adventures to boast about!  Here he enjoyed cruising along the coastline and has offered couples and families wild camping and surfing encounters; or he’s been pitched so the family can go out and about and return to base camp for those ‘West Coast Sunsets and BBQ’s as you watch the day come to an end by natures specular show! 

Oulton Broads Speed Boat racing: Living in Suffolk means that I get to access many events and areas – I personally used Flint to go to the speed boat racing with friends.  I pull up, open the back doors and enjoy the racing from the new seat layout – which is very sociable.  Yes – I may have ordered a high tea from Vera G’s! 

Canopy comforts and star-gazing: Flint has been used to host social gatherings and meetups with friends – offering comfort and ventilation following walks or as a central place to group outside! Flint has also been used for additional accommodation for those crucial back garden gatherings when a meet up inside the family home was not permitted due to lockdown restrictions…. Playing boul, fire pits with marshmallows and fun outside appealed to a wider audience last year.  Let’s just say the canopy and chairs have the seal of approval and social gatherings have been made possible thanks to Flint!   

To be continued… yes the campervans are living their best lives, do you want to zing with Flint?

Are you ready to start your campervan adventure?!

Flint would love to explore more of the UK and help you make it a reality.

We would be delighted to help you book your next UK campervan holiday whether you are a campervan newbie or a converted Dubster!

Alternatively, if you have any questions or want any advice please drop Terri an email on terri@camprolo.co.uk or a message on the CampRolo Facebook page.