Hire a Campervan: Angel

Angel joined CampRolo in Season four: Summer 2020! Shaun and Fiona named Angel… it was a close call between Skye and Pebbles!

We purchased Angel from up North so we now refer to her as our Angel of the North – we can just imagine her on the North Coast 500!

Campervan Angel - white with a blue CampRolo stripe

Angel’s Profile


  • Fridge, sink, gas hob (2 x rings), electric/battery powered water supply, lights, DVD player, electric hook up, rotating front seats.
  • Cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. 5 camping chairs, 1 picnic table and umbrella and fleecy blankets.
  • Bedding: 2 x double duvets 1 x single duvet along with privacy curtains and blinds.
  • Separately housed chemical WC.
  • First aid kit and breakdown kit on board, along with fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
  • Gas and electric certified annually by a certified company.
  • Angel boasts an internal heater and she is insulated for all-season use.


  • White high top, T5 VW Campervan, 1.9 TDi, 102bhp, 5-speed manual.
  • Reversing camera.
  • Security lock.
  • Estimate 38 mpg.


  • 5 Berth: To travel and to sleep.
  • 3 seat belts in the front, 2 seat belts in the rear.
  • To sleep: double rock and roll bed in the rear and double cabin rooftop bed. A constructible hammock provides the last bed across the front window space.


  • Canopy: Angel has a canopy for use which provides shade and shelter whilst out and about, this is an integral part of her features.
  • Awning: Angel has an inflatable drive away awning… space is not a concern, nor are tent poles! Find out more about our awnings here.

Angel’s Photo Shoot

Angel’s Story

What hasn’t Angel done – is a question that springs to mind!? If she was a Little Miss – I’d call her Little Miss Mischief!

Weddings and Honeymoons: Angel has been a very popular choice for ‘Mini-Moon and Honeymoon Staycations’, often offering additional sleeping capacity at rural wedding locations to take away the stress of finding a lift home or a journey to a nearby hotel allowing for celebrations until ‘the very end’! Also particularly helpful if you have little ones that get over tired and need a sleep but you really do not want to go just yet… you don’t have to! Personally, I think it is very symbolic – starting a marriage with an adventure – imagine having the time to point the camper in one direction and just see where life takes you. Who wouldn’t want to seek out breath-taking scenery, towering mountains leading to stunning lakes, rivers and waterfalls – where the sun rises and falls over coastlines and the rich tapestry of beaches and cliffs! There is something very romantic about Angel and her sense of fun and free spirited ways!

Women with Campervans: Angel is my ‘Strong Independent Woman’ – she is fearless. Not afraid to bring confidence, comfort and exhilaration to women who are new to travelling or like to explore! Personally she is my favourite camper to drive. Nothing is too much trouble for this camper as she meanders around mountain pathways or poses along coastlines with no effort! If you want to grow as a person, if you want to just get away, if you want a personal reset and headspace…. Angel is a must! Check out the Women with Campers FB group – there are groups of women that meet up if you want to do this by yourself but with the mindset of meeting like minded women!

Festivals: Angel is a ‘Party Girl’ and I still haven’t forgiven her for vacationing with Red Rocket the T6, in Scotland! Angel is a popular choice for Latitude, Bloodstock and Raceway events – with hands in the air, with phenomenal speeds and engine rumples that make your chest pound! The repeat button has been set and she did the same again in Season 6!

NC500: Chasing Rolo’s proven record, Angel has also completed the NC500 route five times. I’m personally yet to complete this route….. Do I enjoy hearing about our customers memories?…. Do I have travel envy? Of course!!!! (A top tip i’ve been given however is to avoid July / August time.)

Exmoor: As soon as you say Exmoor you think vast open spaces, quite rightly; however Exmoor has so much to offer, including the perfect family getaway. I am talking castles, breath-taking waterfalls and chocolate box villages, farms, tarr steps, pony rides, seal spotting, coastline kayaking, water powered railway lines and picnics under stars as well as a chance to be with the goats in the valley of the rocks (goat yoga TBC) – and yes jeep safaris/off roading is an option for you adrenalin seekers out there! Go to Exmoor and see for yourselves…. It’s a place to see!

Thursford Christmas Spectacular: Imagine a hamper full of hot chocolate, ginger cookies and Christmas dress up as you and your little ones take a journey in a camper to see ‘Santa’. Imagine waking up the next morning in Thetford Forest ready to get rosy cheeks and muddy boots as your little people collect twigs, jump in puddles and climb trees, followed by a train journey with magicians on the Norfolk Railway line. These are my favourite pictures of all and I can’t believe that only one family has done this….. Every moment with Angel is one to remember.

Camper Care: There are moments in our lives that we would really rather not experience at all and like Crystal, Angel has certainly lived up to her name. She has helped families reconnect at the saddest of times travelling across the miles with hearts and minds reflecting. She has offered accommodation and a place to be with the family but provide time out at set locations. What do you need at a time like this? You need reassurance, time together, time apart and Angel offers just that! Putting a camper kettle on and sitting in her seats and just looking out provides a whole different perspective. Life is precious – so take care of yourselves and live your best life!

Up North: Our Angel of The North, stop off and see the grandeur of The Angel of the North as you head towards Scotland – the engineering is very impressive. Yes they are real – if you haven’t been to see the Kelpies then you do not know what you are missing! The Helix Park is The Home of the Kelpies – the largest equine sculptures in the world! Located between Falkirk and Grangemouth. The Falkirk Wheel is also another don’t miss experience: it is a rotating boat lift in Tamfourhill, Falkirk, in central Scotland, connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Engineering at is grandest! I love how nature and engineering can work well together.

Do you want to adventure with Angel?!

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