Awning Hire

CampRolo’s drive-away awnings are the latest kite technology, fully inflatable and easy to pump up, peg down and well worth a think!

Once you are all set up in the awning you don’t have to pack it away every time you go out. That’s right, the four sided awnings with detachable kit, gives you the flexibility to remain at base camp or go out exploring for the day and then come back, hassle free!

Why should I consider hiring an awning?

Awnings give you that very much appreciated additional space – particularly for group and family bookings.

Some of our families have shared it’s a great space to use on those inclement chill out days, others say they like to sit in them in the evening, open the sides out and enjoy the views or look out of their windows as part of the daily wind down. Groups have shared it provided additional sleeping space and offered a place to store paddle boards and bikes whilst out and about for the day. Others simply felt like camping pros!

Lots to consider then…

What’s the difference between a canopy and an awning?

Our campers have integral canopies. These unwind at the side of the campers. The canopies offer shade and a light covering from the sun. The canopies have to be packed away every time you move the camper and cannot be used in extreme weather. Here is Barney with his canopy up…

Barnie with his canopy up

How much is it to hire awning?

Season 7 (2023) all awnings were upgraded. That’s right we reinvest in our products! We have a variety of sizes for you to use, depending on the needs of your booking too.

The awning rental fee is:

  • £25 per day

  • £150 per week 

  • £200 for 2+ weeks

You can simply add awning hire onto your booking by letting us know that’s what you’d like to do.

Additionally, if you’d like any further information, have any questions or want any advice please drop me, Terri, an email on, WhatsApp on 07515404611, or a message on the CampRolo Facebook page.